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 Amanda McGregor

Curator of People, Art and Environments.
Transformational Creative Expression and Development
Through the combining of art, philosophy and science
in self expression, development and communication.

Using Therapeutic processes - Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Soul Reading, Coaching, Energy Psychology,
Extra Sensory Perception, Intuition, Art, Creative Development, Expression, Poetry, Light Language and Seriphim Healing.

What it's all about!__I am pleased to sh
The Story of Insight

Amanda McGregor M.A., Goldsmiths College, University of London is a Curator, Contemporary Artist, Winchester School of Art BA(Hons) and Designer whom has developed skill sets and expression in the art of living. For twenty years she combined art and design with therapeutic processes in the curating of people and their souls, giving deep understanding and insight into the psychology, philosophy of living and lifestyle through an understanding of the subconscious through intuitive readings. 'A Life of Bliss' was written by Amanda McGregor after she helped 1000's of people, providing sessions on an international level in Covent Garden London. The art and products Amanda has developed are an expression of nature and living a fully conscious philosophical life, they express an intimate understanding of the 'Tree of Life' and how 'Creation' informs 'Creativity', enabling a deep relationship with people and nature. The products aim to give an empowered experience through freedom in movement and multifunction; encouraging a passion in living. From the experience of living life in its severity, to enjoying the worlds beauty, strength and soul, the products aim to contribute to a sustainable world. Amanda continues to offer one to one and group sessions, her developed understanding of the subconscious enables her to give art coaching, hypnotherapy sessions, readings, business coaching, developing inspired processes for both business and personal use, please get in contact.

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