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Shinning a Light on Resiliance when Trapped in Trauma

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Trauma is more widespread than most people are aware. 50-70% of people are said to have experienced significant trauma. There are some cultural and political reasons to completely trap a whole population in trauma before they have even grown into an adult, from a perspective to male to female, that percentage lands heavily on women. However, when individuals and whole communities go through trauma, is there a developed enough awareness in how to handle the complexities?

There are many forms of trauma that are experienced in many ways, from during the time in the womb to death. There is a whole circle of life in the impact and from the victim to the agressor, remaining neutral can be a journey in itself.

Those adults that are aggressive in creating trauma in others are also in the mindset of an impact of 'trauma', it is just perceived more as narcism, dictating, sociopathic behaviour, avoidance and dismissive avoidant behaviour. Those that develop tendancies that are underminding to others may also have slow processing skills, be autistic or find the attention needed to relate to others complex to their own state of personal safety, stuck in flight or fight or in a need to control their environment.

Emotional regulation maybe significantly challenging. Trauma is a factor of life, it's expressed through our leaders, who may choose some inhumane ways of safeguarding and some authorities that struggle with the neurodivergence aspects of Complex / Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Trauma Informed ADHD - Attention Deficit, Hyperactive Disorder. The story of ascending out of the pain of trauma and the 'Samsara' of hopelessness and dispair is not always supported in family life and work life, so it is very easy to find oneself trapped in the story.

Observance on anothers 'story' of trauma creates its own distortion, as the observer can create both positive and negative change, through the Quantum Laws of 'observance'. The energy given in presence and intention can either break down, or build up, depending on the observers objectives, limits and space of trust. They may misunderstand, be critical, judgemental and project their own needs. Detangling from an 'observer' in the story or reality you are experiencing can be hard, as the observer maybe a boss, a teacher, a parent, a partner, a sibling. They maybe trapping you in the story through their own belief systems; projecting their lack, sensibilities and expectations. The house of cards can fall, through detachment, death, change, external factors, however it is possible to form pathways in light to dissolve and break through the walls of defence and the containment of the trauma, the containment comes from the place it was origionally formed. So heavy neglect in childhood means experiences of heavy avoidance in adulthood, this is how it presents; as a vacuum.

The person living through the complex trauma again feels isolated, not seen, not cared for and heavily avoided. Giving positive energy to someone in that state, by actively remaining present in a patient and well meaning way, gives power to 'goodness', in care, love and direction. This light of transformation or change can be a vehicle out of the trap enabling an enlightening experience of wisdom, joy and resolution through methods that lighten the emotional entanglement. Combing out areas of neglect, discrimination, abandonment to enable a change of tempo, a change of pace in which things can be looked at with new eyes. Taking time to remain present and actively listen, through complex emotions that need healing, to reframe the 'containment', to enable a positive and present constructive experience that enables light living and builds security.

women tries to talk to a stone boy
Stone Walling

Recently, I had moved from working with adult exclusion to working also with children. Adult exclusion presents itself in many forms including loss of work, exclusion from work, family, financial hardship, attachment disorder, acute illness, leading to palliative care, often an early death.

There were a number of reasons I moved from this area to doing more work with children, the main one being that I lost so many people to death during the covid years, due to negative impact of restrictions and the role of 'exclusion' in that situation, that I wanted to work with the young. I found that those whom had experienced heavy exclusion from trauma or neurodivergence struggled to sustain their lives and would form disease and illness, a few people I knew died also in tragic road accidents at the time of restrictions. The covid years bought our vulnerabilities to the forefront, at all ages.

This could be seen as a timeline reset, a release, a gift or an overwhelm. For some of us, survival can mean living on the edge of our seats. Unpredictable futures with a need for stability, security or understanding can lead to concerns around having needs met and deep insecurities can escalate; financially, in health and in developing a life that is full, happy and helps us reach our potentials.

Taking on this work, I also wanted to work with children at the roots of their concerns, after all the inner child is the funamental process in all; working with their trauma to help them process their emotions and find a way into a lighter existence. Exclusion with children normally presents in expulsion from school but often those that are sensitive, quiet and anxious attachment types are over looked, they need just as much support even if they are not creating dramas, their internal world is full of disorder.

I was not ready for the deep dive immersion of revisiting and sitting in my own trauma as I built rapport with the young and tried to relate to what they were going through, I had spent 30 years putting my childhood trauma to bed.

In the covid years I had lost so many people, to then find myself back in my own inner child trauma was a deep dive, at first thought I had not prepared at all. However, a few months before, I had reattuned with a re-set in to Buddhist Tantra, empowered in Highest Yoga Tantra, which is about leaving the karmic wheel, the tantra encourages us to understand the energies that exist between us and how they operate in consciousness moving us to attune to bliss.

Buddhist Tantra does provide a vehicle out of the Samsara (a sense of hell on earth); the drama and pain created in unprocessed trauma. To remain active with the change, we have to work at the sustainabilty of this energy field by having enough human 'time' to immerse ourselves in proper forms of emptiness. Emptiness is not neglect, discrimination, abandonment, it is the pure love presence of oneness, collective consciousness, the energy that weaves between us; the only phenomena that truly 'is' present with us.

Quantum Physics experienced in hypnotherapy and meditation helps us to be present in multiple realities at once; portals enable empowerment through the walls of containment, both in the negative and they can also flip us into the positive. Everything can change in a moment, we can move through portals through death, through sensitivity; our worlds can be lost and our worlds can be re-built. Staying gently present and alert, on all levels of being, with 'all possibilities', all outcomes and possible scenarios allows us to give positive energy in presence and intention so that the walls of containment can flip in to deep care and love, providing a constructive path forward in foundations of care, light living and joy. We begin our journey with a community that enables a life worth living.

I have worked with different forms of tantra since I was 21. I had a 'kundalini awakening' following two years of illness after salmonella poisening, in which I was bed ridden for over a year. I spent the majority of time alone with temporary paralysis, which gave a monastic experience in it's nature. I found by empowering my deeper understanding of presence, through my soul, my central energy system and asking my mind to take a step back I could get through the noise of my ego, my presence and I expanded in to universal consciousness/collective consciousness. This lead me to a deep understanding of human nuture, reality and energy. My psychic sensitivity rocketed, I became hypersensitive in empathy, channelling, high vibration thinking and creative expression, my hands can plug into anothers energy field and bring forward, knowledge, healing and transformational understanding. This enabled me to help many people.

However, we all have blind sports, even those that claim to be of light. These are areas that still need a light shinning on to them post karmic rebalance and childhood/adult trauma. These stories provide a life time of learning, so that we may express in our full potential and share the wisdom that resides, through our journeys of learning. For me it was always hard dealing with emotionally avoidant types that expressed abandonment.

I learnt to trust the connection with these attachment types through a path of understanding and found a neutrality in remaining in my heart. Learning to remain stable even when dismissiveness turns painful and the observance of a situation flips it in to the shadow side of emotional trauma. Remaining strong in the heart enables us to be stable on our course, presenting with resiliance and providing creative spaces for connection, reflection and emotionally process, which in turn leads a persons to light, growth expansion and out of the trap of trauma.

Intuitive energy readings allow me to reach mute, quiet and emotionally avoidant types, helping them process their feelings, so that we can engage with deep healing and activities that support self expression, in emotion, joy and light living.

Anxious attachment types are sensitive and are often open to working with processes that empower; such as intuitive readings, hypnotherapy and creative processes.

With those that are not conscious of energies such as children, I use discreet forms of empathy and creative forms of expression, hydrotherapy and movement, enabling a deep connection that can lead a person out of their trauma impact wound and help them develop a community of people that care enough to want them to feel secure and find joy.

Every one has a unique experience of life, neurodivergence enables us to look at each individual and respect their special needs but are we doing enough?

Appointments available on location, online, in London and Oxfordshire

Amanda McGregor -

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